Warburton Christian Play Group

Warburton Christian Playgroup operates on Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30. With thanks to the Warburton Community Bank, which has provided financial support for over 5 years, we have a paid facilitator to run the program.
It is a structured program that caters for the individual needs of children from birth until the age of 6 years. It provides a safe, friendly, welcoming and supporting environment for all the families in our community.
It is cross-generational, multi-cultural and has fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers attending and feeling part of the whole playgroup family experience.
The cost is $10 registration, a weekly gold coin and a piece of fruit for a shared morning snack time.
For more information contact the Redwood Community Centre.

Playgroup of the Month!

We were featured on thefront of the Playgroup Victoria website as thier first Plagroup of the Month!

"We're kicking off a Playgroup of the Month initiative to acknowledge good work as we hear about it. Our first Playgroup of the Month is Warburton Playgroup which was re-established six years ago to compliment the nearby primary school. The school has since closed but the playgroup has thrived and now has 50 families and 70 children with ages spanning from five days to almost 90 years old. Five languages are spoken at the playgroup and one quarter of the adults are men. According to facilitator Ngaire Holman, the playgroup has created a community itself "where everyone is appreciated and loved. It runs during school holidays because parents want it to happen. Everyone is valued for what they can give". Playgroup Victoria CEO Viv Cunningham-Smith will present Warburton Playgroup with a Playgroup of the Month award and a $100 Crayola gift pack on 24 August."